Business Process Automation

NMG's Business Process Automation eliminates human error in repetitive tasks by using technology to automate all recurring workflows.Our custom software development teams automate your business processes and make you more efficient, productive, and able to collect real-time data that can be analyzed and used to improve services, decision making, and profits. Set your company up for the future of AI and Machine Learning today.

What is Business Process Automation?

What It Is?

The implementation of technology to take care of business processes and minimize human intervention, to help to eliminate errors, verify compliance with laws unique to your business, and generate efficiencies that deliver consistencies by standardizing the way things are done, and in-turn streamlining your business process, so you realize more profit with less headache. ThatÔÇÖs Business Process Automation!

What Are The Immediate Benefits?

Taking human error out of the system and eliminating manual entry after initial entry by the customer or point of contact, and sometimes even all-together will show immediate results. At the same time, you are generating proprietary real-time data that can be modeled and used for forecasting, predictive events, and understanding your customer that much better. These are some of the benefits of BPA.

What Business Processes Can Be Automated?

Almost any area that is repetitive can be automated. These areas can fall under management, customer service, global processes (i.e., taxes, manufacturing, agriculture, and even stock buying and selling or gambling). Think of anything within your business that is high-volume, must follow compliance laws, is time-sensitive, and generates recurring data. These are candidates for BPA.

Why Business Process Automation (BPA) Is The Future?

  • The most significant benefit of BPA is the increase in productivity.┬áSoftware may have a lifecycle but while it is up-to-date it does not require breaks, does not make mistakes, hits your deadlines, and impacts your bottom line with an ROI that is worth celebrating.
  • We hit on this one above, but cost reduction is an important benefit of BPA.┬áTime related to tasks is reduced. Moreover, personal expenses┬árelated to┬árepetitive work are eliminated, allowing for more satisfying work to be done by the┬áexisting workforce.
  • As business changes, the software adjusts.┬áThis elasticity does not fight change. Well developed software provides output immediately, and links your entire company together so the benefits discovered by one department can be realized by another.

Ask Yourself These Questions To Determine Where BPA Fits Your Business

  • Do you currently have a set of tasks that follow specific rules?┬áMost repetitive tasks are based on a set of rules. These rules allow software to take over and increase efficiency while providing consistent data that can be used for improving the process.
  • Does the task have anticipated inputs and outputs?┬áEven if the input and output has multiple options, it is still redundant and can be designed to react specifically to each condition, eliminating time to react and providing a seamless transition forward.
  • Does the task have multiple repetitive steps? As an example, collecting tax information requires a set of questions that can be laborious. By automating steps to react to specific responses, the data can be collected, evaluated, and calculated in a split second, while instantaneously being added to your proprietary data collection, to be used for predictive analysis later. There is no limit to what BPA can do for you.


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